How It Works

It's easy to set up your Team Building Arena event.

Step 1.

Let us know the details about your event. (Fill out the form).

Fill out a form on our site, and we’ll send you the pricing information specific for your event. Link to the form. You can always call or email us with questions.

Step 2.

Schedule the event.

You can schedule your event on the same day that you booked or many days in advance. For a guide add-on we require a 24-hour advanced notice. If the date of your event changes, don’t worry. You can always reschedule your event by giving us a call or emailing us.

Step 3.

Book your event. (Web or phone).

Once we know the details about your event, we’ll email you the proposal. It will have the details about your event, the price, the terms of agreement, and a link to a secure payments’ processor. Once you are ready to book the event, you can make the payment.

Step 4.

Invite the teams.

Once you make the purchase, we will send you a link to the Arena System. There you can add details about your teams and email them the links to the event. The Arena System supports events from 6 to 600 people. The players need to be split up into 4 to 6 people teams. All event statistics for all the teams can be viewed in real time.

Step 5.

Attend your event.

You can be on one of the teams playing, or you can be just an observer. At the time of your event everybody follows the event’s link. Once the event begin all teams will have access to the first mission. Our events last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

Step 6.

Celebrate the victory.

All teams have fun, one team wins first place. The team building escapes are designed for creating a cooperative experience. Each team will have a strong bonding experience after the game.

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